Am I ugly or beautiful?  What do you think when you look at me.  I wonder what people thought when they first saw these houses.  Were they in awe of the modern architecture.  Were they hopeful of the future.  Peterlee was built to provide comfortable social housing.  A new town.  Down with the pit villages.  It was a vision.  But was it the right vision. 

Not a Lot of People Know This




This is a total change of direction and something that may surprise people but I am embarking on a new project.  There are no high emotions attached just a love and fascination with buildings and architecture.  I may even include interiors, I may not.  I have no understanding of architecture or how buildings are constructed.  I may just learn something along the way too.  Oh look I already have.  Parabola !  Whilst looking at the life of Berthold Lubetkin I discovered that he was involved in the planning of Peterlee Newtown, although he resigned when they wouldn’t go with his ideas of high rise blocks partly because of the mineworks underground and the NCB deciding not to give up on coal mining and stop.  But if you look at a plan of Peterlee you will see one of his ideas, parabola forms in the road layout.  See I told you I have learnt something.  Although if I’m honest I can’t actually see it at the moment.  Maybe one day.


definition of parabola: a symmetrical open plane curve formed by the intersection of a cone with a plane parallel to its side.


The Inner Light

pagan thirtythree

Without going out of my door
I can know all things on Earth
Without looking out of my window
I could know the ways of Heaven

George Harrison


ps, back to what is good, what brings peace and what brings happiness.


I am Nature

Are we continually learning?  Or do we sometimes have to accept that we are the best that we can be.  Sometimes we feel the need to search for a meaning to life and become a better person but by doing that we forget that we are life.  Nature is not perfect, so why should we be.

I am finally seeing some light in life.  No more over thinking, no more striving to be the perfect person I think I should be.  Accept me as I am.  I can be no more.

Lets Run Away

DSC_0114 copy

Pick a boat, any boat, climb in and row away.  Far away.  From everything that gets you down, from the heartache of watching someone grow old, from the drudgery of work, from life.  I sometimes envy those that do it.  Those that say, enough is enough, and just go.  Those that can just change their lives and become someone else.

Well no, actually I don’t think I would want to be someone else.  Being me is what makes me who I am, whoever that person is.  (That may not make sense but I know what I mean)  But it would be nice to jump in a boat and head somewhere for a while and just, for a few days, forget about the world and what it throws at you.

Childhood Dreams

This is my childhood haunt, close to where my little mam lives.  I will never tire of going down Castle Eden Dene and taking photographs. Its such a magical place, filled with memories of a childhood that is now gone, a childhood that I wish I could have again. Seeing someone that you love grow old and struggle is so so sad, and I yearn for a few moments of childhood again, walking through the Dene, getting excited at seeing all that is there.

This is what life has become, walking through the past, yearning for old age never to come, yearning to be a child again and having both mam and dad here, to hold their hands and skip along the path again.  The pain does not get easier, instead it gets worse, because you know you can never go back, never have those happy days again.  Memories can be such happy things, but they can also bring on such sadness.


For me there is no greater therapy to the negatives of life then being out in Nature and taking photographs.  Something which I have not been able to do of late.  The visits I make into the great outdoors have been fleeting to say the least, but when I do get out it is like nothing else matters in the world.  We come from Nature, we return to Nature. Without it we are nothing, we are dust.

And enlightenment, it comes from within. We travel along many roads, but we have to look within ourselves to discover it.  Our words and our actions are what defines us.  It is whether we can ride the storm and be the best we can be.  That is the road that we travel.

cinder track 7

cinder track 10


cinder track 11DSC_0093

Putting It Out There


I’ve had a crisis of conscience recently.  I love Nature and would do anything to protect it but people don’t always understand the need for this protection.  We take far too much for granted but if we do not take care of the world around us one day there will be no world.  We rely on Nature for so many things but many people don’t realise that.  We live Nature, without it we are dead.  People are blind to the world around them, and their own actions.

I recently aired my views on something that is close to my heart, but I was lambasted.   Not the right time, not the right place.    But what is the right time and place.  Do we act after a tragedy has happened or do we act before to try and avert it.  Do I stay quiet or do I speak out?  One day I will be gone, Nature will not change dramatically in my lifetime, but what our children, and our children’s future.  Should I be concerned about them.  The Road to Enlightenment is certainly a struggle.