A Walk on the Wild Side


postcard-fourI took a walk along the clifftops today.  The wind was wild, Nature likes to show its authority now and then, but that didn’t put me off because it also likes to show off its beauty.  I love capturing the shapes and patterns that lie in the landscape.  They are very special to me.  I sometimes think that Nature puts them there, to see if we notice, see if we are awed by its beauty.  I follow the path, never deviating, always wary of stepping away from it.  One day I may wander far from the path, led by Nature, and maybe, just maybe, I will disappear into the landscape and become one with it.

And more flowers…………glorious flowers, nestled on the clifftops, the Atlantic looking on, beautiful, beautiful, flowers.


I Can Breathe Again



I am in the beautiful Cornish countryside.  A place to relax, meditate and recharge the batteries.  For many people it is a sacred land, a land where the worship of Nature happens.  I feel at peace here. I feel closer to Nature.  My soul has sighed with relief, it is home.


How do we perceive our past.  We can be apologetic for something that we have done that has had a detrimental impact on someone’s life but to wish that we had done things differently is a futile train of thought.  We cannot change the past.  In life we are always learning.  We sometimes take the  wrong route but is that not how we learn and move forward to becoming a better person.   

Black and white 

I love black and white photography.  The images on here are so beautiful.  I just hope mine can live up to all this wonderful talent.  

This is Aldeburgh, on the Suffolk coast. Suffolk is such a beautiful county.  I loved every minute I spent there.  It was a journey of discovery.   And definitely a place to revisit.  


It’s harvest time and the farmers have been busy.   The crops have almost gone and the empty fields have now been ploughed over.   It’s nearly that time of the year when the earth will sleep and rest as winter fast approaches, before it springs back into life early next year.   There is a tinge of sadness when this happens, I love seeing Nature so full of life.   And the trees, don’t they always look so glorious, as if they’ve put on their finest clothes for the summer. Whatever the season, being amongst Nature and capturing images is such a wonderful experience.   I managed to capture this, natural, corn bouquet before it was taken by the harvester.  

But there won’t be many more opportunities now to capture images like this.   Winter is a different story.   It is cold and sometimes seems to last forever.   But Nature is ever present and very much alive.   It sleeps with one eye open, always watching, always waiting.   And I am sure that, once winter takes hold, as I walk through the fields and the woods that I live close by I will be able to capture Nature in all its glory just as much as I have done so throughout the summer.