corn-fieldsHarvest is my favourite time of the year.  Walking through the fields of corn always seems so pagan to me.  Sadly the fields are empty now, ploughed over, ready for the next crop. Winter is coming.  And secretly I am hoping for snow, lots of lovely virgin snow covering the fields.  I can’t wait to wake up and look out the bedroom window to see the snow falling gently.  And putting on all your thick clothes and the feeling of the cold when you first step out of the house.  And then there’s that lovely feeling when you go out into the cold and come home to a roaring fire and a hot cup of tea, feeling excited about the wintery scenes you’ve just caught on your camera.  Itching to go back to take more, but waiting until your toes and ears have warmed up.   Winter is coming indeed, and so I hope that this year we get lots and lots of lovely snow.

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