Autumn Days





Took a gentle stroll along the old railway line this evening.  It was  a chilly walk, one that you wouldn’t do without a hat and scarf to keep the cold at bay.  The light was just starting to fade and the sun had almost set by the time I arrived home again.  But even as everything is starting to die back and the trees are hurriedly losing their leaves there is still some beautiful images to be had out there.  This flower can be found in many a hedgerow near where I live.  I see it all the time yet I still don’t know what it is called.  It is one of my favourite subjects.  One of the first photographs I took many years ago is a close up of this flower.  It sits on the wall at the top of my stairs and I love it just as much now as I did then.  I think I’ve found a hidden vocation.  Ha!  The road to enlightenment is a strange one indeed.  When I started this blog I never thought that I would suddenly love as much as I do taking photographs of the beautiful wildflowers that we so often come across when we are out in the countryside.

I want to be out there all the time capturing these tiny beauties.  For they are truly the miracles of this world.  Untouched by human hand, minding their own business, doing what they have done for thousands of years.  Nature is such a wondrous thing.

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