In The Heart of the Country



I am in one of my favourite places, somewhere where I can just chill and be one with Nature. The Lake District National Park.   I haven’t been out with my camera yet, that will come tomorrow.  That is as long as the wind drops enough to be able to go out and walk. The colours at this time of the year are so beautiful.  The golden colours of the leaves as they take a final bow before slipping away and spinning down to the ground, gone forever, are entrancing. Even in death Nature can be so stunning.

Until I do get out and about I thought I would share these two photographs with you.  They weren’t taken in Autumn but in summertime.  I like to look back at photographs I have taken previously.  Sometimes you see something new in them, a different way of looking at them.  I am still experimenting with getting up close to Nature.  That seems to be the path I am taking.  And I am loving it.  I have found a new love and I am following my heart. And its exciting too.

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