Autumn Leaves


I went into the Dene today next door to my mams house.  That mystical place where I once played as a child.  I couldn’t imagine any child playing there now as it is so overgrown. Maybe it is telling of the times that we live in. When I was a child we played outside, we didn’t have computers or mobile phones, we had to make our own entertainment.  And that meant playing outdoors.  After all who wanted to stay inside under your parents watchful eyes, when you could be outside having lots of adventures.

Even at this time of the year it was very cathartic being out there. I have had this weight on my shoulders for a lot of years, but now that weight has lifted.  I can’t say why or what it was about but how wonderful to finally feel that the thorn has been removed from my side.  Now I can focus, follow the path again, find the enlightenment that I have been searching for without this plague that filled my mind.

Onwards and upwards now.




The smallest of things are often the most beautiful.  But sometimes you have to search hard to find them as they are often hidden away. Yet the rewards when you do are immense.  Don’t just walk along that path, look around as you do.  Look down, look up, you’ll be surprised as to what you may find.

Double Exposure

I have been experimenting with double exposures, again.  I love double exposures.  I think they add another element to a photograph, another dimension, another side to the story you are trying to tell.  So what does this image say?  Are we the grasses that cannot survive without the water or are we the water that keeps the grasses alive.  Another way to look at it is, what, or who, needs your support and what supports you.

Nature is a big part of our lives, although some people don’t seem to realise that.  Without it we are nothing.   Yet we continue to destroy it at a rate of knots.  And every time we chip away at it we get closer to our world dying.  And then what?  How do we survive?  We can’t. Because like the image above we need Nature to survive, although I think Nature would agree when I say that it doesn’t really need us .  And maybe that is its plan.  We continue to destroy our natural world until we cannot even sustain ourselves.  We die. Nature grows again.  The natural balance has been restored.





Burning Bright

Its getting very cold now. The temptation to not go out and instead sit in front of a lovely roaring fire is great.  That and a hot cup of tea is becoming quite irresistible.  I have what I call my cracket (its not a proper one, just a little table that was found years ago) that I put in front of the fire and I sit on.  And then I plonk my feet on the hearth so they can get warm first.  The house I live in is 100 years old and I often wonder if the previous occupants used to do the same, sit there and watch the flames dance about.


And you don’t have to go out to practice your photography.  A kitchen table, a tripod, a couple of different backgrounds, and you’re ready to create.  Of course you can’t beat being out amongst Nature’s wonderful creations but sometimes, just sometimes, even though the heart is willing, the body is saying no, please let me stay in the warmth, just this once.

A Clifftop Walk














The sky was blue and looked very inviting so I decided to take a walk along the clifftops near to where I live. Blackhall Rocks to be precise.  Somewhere I have known all of my life. When I was a little girl my mam and dad used to take me and my brother down to the beach for a walk along the shore.  Of course in those days the beach was not the prettiest. Blackhall once had a pit and the waste from that pit was dumped into the North Sea.  That meant dirty beaches as the waves washed it back to shore.  But over the years it has been cleaned up and although it is still not perfect it is much better and even in the late months of the year it is a lovely place to walk.

And even on a cold day, with the wind off the North Sea making you wish for days sat in front of a roaring fire, you can still capture some lovely images.   Everything is fading fast and dying back but if you look closely you will discover little treasures.  Nature is like that. Always full of surprises.  And its good for your soul too.