A Clifftop Walk














The sky was blue and looked very inviting so I decided to take a walk along the clifftops near to where I live. Blackhall Rocks to be precise.  Somewhere I have known all of my life. When I was a little girl my mam and dad used to take me and my brother down to the beach for a walk along the shore.  Of course in those days the beach was not the prettiest. Blackhall once had a pit and the waste from that pit was dumped into the North Sea.  That meant dirty beaches as the waves washed it back to shore.  But over the years it has been cleaned up and although it is still not perfect it is much better and even in the late months of the year it is a lovely place to walk.

And even on a cold day, with the wind off the North Sea making you wish for days sat in front of a roaring fire, you can still capture some lovely images.   Everything is fading fast and dying back but if you look closely you will discover little treasures.  Nature is like that. Always full of surprises.  And its good for your soul too.



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