Double Exposure

I have been experimenting with double exposures, again.  I love double exposures.  I think they add another element to a photograph, another dimension, another side to the story you are trying to tell.  So what does this image say?  Are we the grasses that cannot survive without the water or are we the water that keeps the grasses alive.  Another way to look at it is, what, or who, needs your support and what supports you.

Nature is a big part of our lives, although some people don’t seem to realise that.  Without it we are nothing.   Yet we continue to destroy it at a rate of knots.  And every time we chip away at it we get closer to our world dying.  And then what?  How do we survive?  We can’t. Because like the image above we need Nature to survive, although I think Nature would agree when I say that it doesn’t really need us .  And maybe that is its plan.  We continue to destroy our natural world until we cannot even sustain ourselves.  We die. Nature grows again.  The natural balance has been restored.





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