Autumn Leaves


I went into the Dene today next door to my mams house.  That mystical place where I once played as a child.  I couldn’t imagine any child playing there now as it is so overgrown. Maybe it is telling of the times that we live in. When I was a child we played outside, we didn’t have computers or mobile phones, we had to make our own entertainment.  And that meant playing outdoors.  After all who wanted to stay inside under your parents watchful eyes, when you could be outside having lots of adventures.

Even at this time of the year it was very cathartic being out there. I have had this weight on my shoulders for a lot of years, but now that weight has lifted.  I can’t say why or what it was about but how wonderful to finally feel that the thorn has been removed from my side.  Now I can focus, follow the path again, find the enlightenment that I have been searching for without this plague that filled my mind.

Onwards and upwards now.


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