Chasing the Frost




After days of Christmas madness, chasing the dream, family, and Santa Claus I finally got some peace and managed to catch some of the frost that has visited us recently.  The mornings have been gloriously frosty but far too early for me to get up.  But its been cold enough for there to be some patches still around late afternoon so I took the opportunity to venture into Castle Eden Dene on the north side to see what I could capture.  I broke one golden rule whilst out and about.  I only intended to stray along the Dene edge but I decided to venture down the steps and into the Dene, on my own.  I have been down, and up, these steps many times.  They are a stones throw from where my little mam lives and I have spent many a happy time exploring this part of the Dene.  And it was gloriously peaceful, no-one but me and my camera, heaven in nature.

I love seeing the frost on the ground. It is entrancing, there is something quite beautiful, and delicate, about it.   I long to see snow, deep snow. Now that would be heaven.  What glorious photos could one make when the snow lies deep on the fields.

Oh and mustn’t forget that lovely feeling of getting in from the cold and sitting down in front of a roaring fire with a hot cuppa warming your hands.

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