Contemplating Life



Full of cold today so went back through my external drive to see what I’ve got that I can share today.  Found these two images which I quite like, especially the first one.  It feels quite ethereal to me, other worldly, a place that I could disappear to, just now and then.

I also took time whilst editing photographs to reflect on the start to the year.  I’ve had one little hiccup which has tested my resolve, but I held my nerve, just, and got through it.  It is part of the road to enlightenment.  I know there will be many hiccups along the way, I am a long way off reaching the end, if there is indeed an end.   I don’t think life would be life without hurdles, we cannot avoid them at all, but I think it is how we view them and how we deal with them that is important.  I think when you stop seeing them as hurdles and don’t let them bother you is when you may just be nearing some sort of enlightenment.

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