A Place to Sit


I love trees, love taking photographs of them.  But I often find getting the perfect shot of one quite difficult.  Because where there is a tree there is also that thing that I absolutely hate, the sky.  Don’t ask me why but I abhor taking photographs where there is an expanse of sky.  The less sky I get in a photograph the better.  I could of chopped this photograph right down so that the top of the tree was gone but this is one of my favourite places to sit, underneath this tree.  Somewhere I have been sitting for 39 years, since I was 13.  Yikes, how did I get old.  So it would be a great dishonour to not show it in its full glory.  I have to admit to that I whilst I am sat under this tree, there, just there, to the left, can you see me, scruffy jeans on, hair all over the place, quietly whispering to the tree so that anyone walking past does not hear me, and yes people do walk past, following the path across the fields that takes them down to the lake.  When I had my beloved dog Pip, I could pretend that I was talking to her, but sadly she has gone, so its just me and tree.  So to anyone walking past yes I am talking to a tree and I don’t care.


4 thoughts on “A Place to Sit

  1. Funny to read this! I don’t know if you know Charles Cramer, but he, too, isn’t a sky favorer! When we meet up for our photo critique group we just might hear about it if there is a bit too much of that stuff. “Too much” can sometimes mean “any at all”! 😉 )

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    1. People scoff but I don’t think they realise the benefits of nature. I love feeling the texture of a trees bark and love to sit and listen to the wind in the branches and the sounds of the tree creaking. Very good for the soul.


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