A Wandering We Will Go………..

On most of my days off I visit my mam.  She is getting on abit, well she is over 80, so I try and do as much as I can for her.  She lives next to a beautiful Dene in which I had many an adventure.   So today when I had done my  chores I headed off into the Dene to see what I could discover.  It was a miserable day, one of those drizzly days, overcast, the days where you just want to sit on the settee and watch TV, or read a book.  The ground was very wet and muddy and my way into the Dene wasn’t the best as most of the ground is covered in brambles.  In summer its much worse but in winter the brambles are not as high and are easily stamped down.  That doesn’t stop you from getting the odd scratch but I’m not precious so they don’t bother me that much.  I didn’t get much close up work done, everything is pretty much dead but I did find this tree.  It made me think that sometimes life is like that, bending over backwards to accommodate other people.  And I do that a lot in life.  Sometimes people are grateful for the effort you’ve made for them and sometimes they are oblivious or just expect it from you knowing that they don’t have to say thank you.  Some people would say that you shouldn’t do it if people aren’t grateful but then I think, well, that would be churlish, and besides I do things for people not for the glory but because I am a human being and part of my make up is to help others.  If I got to the end of my life thinking that I hadn’t done enough for other people then that would be a sorry state of affairs.


It will be interesting to see if this tree is still living.  Come spring, and summer, I will revisit and hope that it is surviving in its upside world.  Maybe it can then give me some tips on how to survive in the upside world that we live in.  I wonder if the view is better !

On another note I also took this photograph, and even though I hate doing any kind of effect with photographs other then to convert to black and white I couldn’t bear to lose the beautiful colour of this little tree that was surrounded by its very large family.



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