Its good to be back.

Life has been so hectic lately.  I’ve been desperate to pick up the camera and get some photos taken.  Sadly, tiredness and the weather has been against me.  Tiredness due to having to cover holidays at work and look after my little mam on my days off.  And the weather, well its been quite gloomy lately.  Sleet, rain, wind, and such darkness.  Not days you want to go out in.  And I have a confession to make.  I’ve been baking.  Lots.  Not that that is a bad thing.  But when one can’t get the camera out then one still likes to create. Maybe its a growing old kind of thing because I was always so bad at baking.  Now I can make a victoria sponge that tastes so delicious, especially with fresh cream in the middle. So I’ve come to the conclusion that good cakes come with maturity.  Maybe I’ve finally grown up.

But enough of those delights, back to the camera.  I did manage to do a little experimenting today with some shop bought flowers.


I particularly like this one because of the pattern in the wood.  This is the floor in my kitchen.  I also love the shadows the flowers make on the wood.

And shadows, well there has been a few of those in my life.  And they still linger.  Do you ever feel that you belong somewhere even though you can’t figure out why you think that. That probably doesn’t make sense but I often get that feeling when I experience a certain period in the past.  I constantly feel like I am sat somewhere in a dress, Victorian, black.  I love this period in life.  Strange isn’t it. How one can feel comfortable with the past.


Maybe we all have a past life, and maybe that past life can still be felt in the present.

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