Three is the Magic Number


I have found a secret place in the dene where my mam lives.  Well it isn’t actually a secret place.  I have been there many many years back.  When I was a teenager, in the summertime, when me and my friends had nowhere to go we used to explore the dene. I can’t imagine teenage girls these days wanting to explore the woods, more like the make up counter or the clothes shops.

You have to fight the brambles to get to it but its perfect.   Everything is so still and so quiet, even though the noisy world is not far away.  I always think that I am not going to find anything to photograph but every time I visit I find something new.  Nature is such a beautiful place to be.  I have taken to, not just taking photographs of pretty flowers, but looking out for patterns and textures.  Admittedly there is not a lot to photograph at this time of the year if you look closely you will find something.  I love these ferns, they have such intricate leaves and look absolutely gorgeous in black and white.  There are lots of them about, still very much alive too.  Come summertime the dene will be awash with them.  If I was very naughty I’d pinch a whole bundle of them and fill every pot in my back yard, but they belong in the wild, free, amongst the trees.


And just to prove that the world is coming alive too I spied some snowdrops, just starting to make their presence known amongst the dead leaves.  Always a good sign.  Always a welcome sign.

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