Tea and Cake


Apparently the country has been hit by a storm, Doris I believe they call it.  So there’s nothing else to do but sit on the settee and have tea and cake.  Oh and share a recent image that I took.  I have been sharing some of my images with people both here at home and across the world in the form of postcards.  With all the technology that we have around us now that is something that I miss, receiving something through the post.  That’s why I thought I would create postcards of my images and send them to whoever would like one. Lovers of photography, lovers of nature, lovers of my art even.  I find it quite exciting to think of someone on the other side of the world having one of my postcards pop through the letterbox.  Free art !  If you’re reading this and would like one of my images then drop me a line.

I think it is also part of my journey and my relationship with photography and art.    The images that I have been taking have given me a new direction and have bridged the relationship between art (photography) and nature.  Something that I have been trying to do for quite a while.  I have a greater understanding of what I want to do and how I approach nature so I am looking forward now to exploring more of nature when the weather is a little better.  I feel more of a closeness to nature now.  Its a strange thing to explain but physically and mentally I have been attuned to nature for a long time. Photography is a great passion of mine, so it was natural to explore nature through taking photographs but I have struggled a little with finding a balance between both of them. Now I feel that I am achieving that balance which I also see as another step on the journey. And that balance is knowing what photographs I want to take and the enjoyment of taking those photographs and sharing with people.

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