At Long Last

At long last I am here amongst Nature.  Everywhere looks so beautiful but I have not had a chance to walk in the peace and quiet of the fields and the little wood I live close by too. My mam had a fall nearly two weeks ago and I have been ensconced in her house, cleaning, cooking, keeping her company.  But now there is light at the end of the tunnel and I have finally escaped, for a brief moment, and here I am, with Nature, thankful that life is starting to get back to normal.  Although normal is not going to be the same kind of normal pre-fall.  Extra measures are now in place, daily visits, chores need to be done that she cannot now do, more due to the risk of her falling rather then an inability to do them.

And Nature, never changes, always there, always ready to offer the peace and quiet you yearn for.  It is amazing how time in the wilds can heal oneself, give you the boost that you so need.  And of course as the seasons change the opportunity to take more photographs, explore the natural world, look for that which we seek in life.


This tree reminds me of a Japanese bonsai.  Its shape is incredible.  Was it chasing the light or did someone sneak along in the dead of the night and wind some wire around it.


Or maybe Nature is just teasing us, reminding us who is the Master and who is the Servant.

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