Putting It Out There


I’ve had a crisis of conscience recently.  I love Nature and would do anything to protect it but people don’t always understand the need for this protection.  We take far too much for granted but if we do not take care of the world around us one day there will be no world.  We rely on Nature for so many things but many people don’t realise that.  We live Nature, without it we are dead.  People are blind to the world around them, and their own actions.

I recently aired my views on something that is close to my heart, but I was lambasted.   Not the right time, not the right place.    But what is the right time and place.  Do we act after a tragedy has happened or do we act before to try and avert it.  Do I stay quiet or do I speak out?  One day I will be gone, Nature will not change dramatically in my lifetime, but what our children, and our children’s future.  Should I be concerned about them.  The Road to Enlightenment is certainly a struggle.