Childhood Dreams

This is my childhood haunt, close to where my little mam lives.  I will never tire of going down Castle Eden Dene and taking photographs. Its such a magical place, filled with memories of a childhood that is now gone, a childhood that I wish I could have again. Seeing someone that you love grow old and struggle is so so sad, and I yearn for a few moments of childhood again, walking through the Dene, getting excited at seeing all that is there.

This is what life has become, walking through the past, yearning for old age never to come, yearning to be a child again and having both mam and dad here, to hold their hands and skip along the path again.  The pain does not get easier, instead it gets worse, because you know you can never go back, never have those happy days again.  Memories can be such happy things, but they can also bring on such sadness.


For me there is no greater therapy to the negatives of life then being out in Nature and taking photographs.  Something which I have not been able to do of late.  The visits I make into the great outdoors have been fleeting to say the least, but when I do get out it is like nothing else matters in the world.  We come from Nature, we return to Nature. Without it we are nothing, we are dust.

And enlightenment, it comes from within. We travel along many roads, but we have to look within ourselves to discover it.  Our words and our actions are what defines us.  It is whether we can ride the storm and be the best we can be.  That is the road that we travel.

cinder track 7

cinder track 10


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