I am Nature

Are we continually learning?  Or do we sometimes have to accept that we are the best that we can be.  Sometimes we feel the need to search for a meaning to life and become a better person but by doing that we forget that we are life.  Nature is not perfect, so why should we be.

I am finally seeing some light in life.  No more over thinking, no more striving to be the perfect person I think I should be.  Accept me as I am.  I can be no more.

Lets Run Away

DSC_0114 copy

Pick a boat, any boat, climb in and row away.  Far away.  From everything that gets you down, from the heartache of watching someone grow old, from the drudgery of work, from life.  I sometimes envy those that do it.  Those that say, enough is enough, and just go.  Those that can just change their lives and become someone else.

Well no, actually I don’t think I would want to be someone else.  Being me is what makes me who I am, whoever that person is.  (That may not make sense but I know what I mean)  But it would be nice to jump in a boat and head somewhere for a while and just, for a few days, forget about the world and what it throws at you.