Not a Lot of People Know This




This is a total change of direction and something that may surprise people but I am embarking on a new project.  There are no high emotions attached just a love and fascination with buildings and architecture.  I may even include interiors, I may not.  I have no understanding of architecture or how buildings are constructed.  I may just learn something along the way too.  Oh look I already have.  Parabola !  Whilst looking at the life of Berthold Lubetkin I discovered that he was involved in the planning of Peterlee Newtown, although he resigned when they wouldn’t go with his ideas of high rise blocks partly because of the mineworks underground and the NCB deciding not to give up on coal mining and stop.  But if you look at a plan of Peterlee you will see one of his ideas, parabola forms in the road layout.  See I told you I have learnt something.  Although if I’m honest I can’t actually see it at the moment.  Maybe one day.


definition of parabola: a symmetrical open plane curve formed by the intersection of a cone with a plane parallel to its side.


The Inner Light

pagan thirtythree

Without going out of my door
I can know all things on Earth
Without looking out of my window
I could know the ways of Heaven

George Harrison


ps, back to what is good, what brings peace and what brings happiness.